The Crapola and The Goodness

Crapola first: I haven’t been posting because I’d love to have something else to talk about besides how preparing a cross-country move is rapidly destroying my soul.
We are seriously tense over here, people. C and I don’t usually argue over petty bullshit, but here we are, doing just that. I’ve been purposefully avoiding most forms of communication with my friends. It’s so much easier to shut down and be an asshole than to feel my heart break every time I feel closer to a good friend I’m soon to leave behind.

= The weekend was awesome. Stacey and I went out to see Jill Sobule at the Iron Horse, and I am really going to miss that venue. Jill was full of Adorable and Charm and Hilarity, and I had a very nice sparkly water with lime. Before the show was a shared pile mountain of deliciously greasy tempura (hence the sparkly water to settle the tum) and a solo-effort chocolate truffle that was much too large and delicious for one person to consume (but somehow I managed it).

The next morning was you-know-what (which, btw, I had totally forgotten about…I’d like to think I honor my mothers every day) and I was allowed to sleep in (7:50am!!!) and a pile of french toast awaited me at the bottom of the stairs. Sleep + Toast = The Good Life.

The rest of this week I can pretty much do without. Our tenants (yeah, the new ones who moved into the house we haven’t been able to sell) just decided to move out…a week before C leaves and so now we scramble to get new tenants in.
We have friends to buy our wood, though, and I might even get $100 for the sad Subie that is minus one cylinder. It’s all about balance, right?

Oh, and before I forget…and this one’s for the locals…well, the locals who are into fiber:

This Saturday, May 16th 10-4pm…The 6th Annual Jamaica Fiber Festival
in Jamaica Village, VT
Come visit. It is my last New England hurrah. 

And when we get to where we’re goin’ and I have a whole new set of locals, there will be this:

Here: on July 18th and 19th! Woo!

I’m teamed up with Kim of Infiknitty for this event, and I’m very excited! It’s a fabulous way to be welcomed back home. I’m keeping just enough of my studio here to keep up on production while 99.5% of my worldly belongings are on the other side of the continent. I’m borrowing a spinning wheel and I won’t have my drum carder, but felting gear is very minimal, so I will be focusing on the summer Tangled scarves and a couple of new kits for the show involving a sweet little mitt pattern and some dyes. 

Happy…what day is it? Thursday! Happy Thursday!


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