Points of Interest…

*It’s time again to make dandelion biscuits. Remember these? YUM.

*I saw a naturopath today and have an appointment for an allergy panel blood draw. I’ve never been so excited about getting stuck with a needle.

*It is, apparently, amazing that I can even stand up with such low blood pressure. I am a delicate flower. Or maybe my adrenals need some TLC.

*C leaves with the truck tomorrow. Our space feels very lonely right now…a shell of a studio and a futon on the floor. The little guy was awesome about saying goodbye to all his stuff for a few weeks. He seems to understand that goodness will come of this move.

*I sold the Subie to a junk guy for $100. When he came to get the car, which mind you is/was actually still running at the time, he said, "So, since I came today, can I give you $94 for it?" $94???!?
I took $100, thank you very much.

*I still miss my goats.

*I’m going to miss my cat.

*I appreciate "the nineties" more as a decade than as a temperature. This is only temporary, seeing as how all my skirts are now packed on a moving truck. Why did I do that? 

*I have a new pattern/kit…pdf coming as soon as I figure out how to make one. Ha ha. I need to find me some of this magical stuff called "time" so I can learn how to use some of the seemingly awesome programs I have on this computer.

*Anyone know any tattoo artists who knit? 


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