Stuff and Nonsense

So…the move:
-Plan A: Santa Cruz, CA
-Plan B: Humboldt, CA
-Plan C: Eugene, OR

We’ve picked it. The spot. Apparently, The World’s Greatest City of the Arts and Outdoors. Anyway, third plan’s the charm. Right?

So, next step…find a place to live and job/jobs and stuff. No problem, right? Seeking reassurance here, people. Oh, and if you know anyone in the area we should hang out with, let me know.

When not in a knot (ha!) about impending major change in my life, I’ve been working on new goodies for Renegade:
Monkey Mitt Knit Kit:

Tea not included. Just some yarn and a pattern.

Maybe yarn that looks like one of these:

Or maybe not. Whatever tickles me. Don’t worry, there will be a color you like.

Am actually feeling rather hopeful today. In fact, I’m going to make rhubarb sauce to celebrate. Lots of ginger and love, people.

Oh, and PS: there is this  downtown.


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