I’ve probably mentioned this, but I love the Greener Shades dyes. Every once in a while I tinker with the idea of offering dyed fiber for spinners, but it’s more fun to keep it all for myself. Well, it’s slightly less playful than that…I have a need to see projects through to completion and when I see unspun fiber, I immediately start making plans for it’s future, which makes it nearly impossible for me to let go of it.

I’m starting a new project called Spinspiration. Since I’ve been back in California, I spend most of my time fighting off a general sort of malaise and pining for the day when the Little Guy and I will be reunited with C. At this point, he is working 6 1/2 hours away and we see each other for one week each month. This past visit I had the flu the entire time and the parting (when, of course, I felt much better) was especially difficult. Anyway, he’s up there in the beautiful woods by the Trinity River and I am completely out of my element while LG and I are temporarily dwelling in suburbia. There is no wilderness within biking distance and although we are with family right now, I am exhausted from this single-parenting business. BUT, the realization that is finally sinking in is that I am in control of how I relate to this situation. So, the idea of Spinspiration is that I will be exploring my surroundings from a different perspective, take a photograph of something in my world that strikes me in some way and then create a fiber piece to celebrate it. It might be yarn, a felt piece, or something hand sewn. If you want to join in the fun, let me know, and I might create a Flickr group for it. I’ve tried to get into themed spin-a-long type things, but right now I need to find my own inspiration, to get myself out of the funk and embrace what is left of my time down here in the Bay…

We have concluded our Apple Theme and our tellings of The Little Red House, although Equinox will see some apple-picking and apple crisp happening….Anyway, we played with tempera:

This weekend I have shirked planning for the next two-week chunk, so I’m not 100% sure what it will be yet…Monday, however, is always Painting Day and busy with errands, so I can stall a bit.

True story from C’s visit:

C: (in the bathroom with the Little Guy, who is on the toilet) You don’t need to tense up like that.

LG: (obviously straining) I’m NOT!! (pause) It smells like…C0-op fans.

C: (amused) You mean, like, the bathroom fans?

LG: Yeah, C0-op bathroom fans. No,…now it smells like…lavender.


3 thoughts on “Process…

  1. how many times a week do you here about the co-op sadly it is fading as the weeks pass. But he still wants to know when Oliver is going come here and play in the sand pit, oh and see the meadow.

  2. Hi…I know I’m coming in on the conversation late, but I love the idea of creating a fiber art piece based on inspiration from your surroundings. I’d love to join that discussion/group if you create it. I have to tell you…I’m from Rutland, VT and was SOOOOOO sad when I read you were moving before I ever got a chance to meet you. You were (and are, even long distance) an inspiration to me…in fact I still have a piece of one of your batts that I bought in Brattleboro at a yarn store and I hate to use the last of it up. In part, you inspired me to focus on art yarns. I think you were even in Jacey’s video, right? I can’t figure out if you are on the right or the left because I don’t think I’ve ever read your name anywhere! I just refer to you in my mind as Spun Monkey. LOL!! Anyway, from your posts it sounds like you’re going through a trying time (I’ve also had some experience with the whole food allergy business so I feel your pain) and I just thought maybe it would be a good time to tell you that I really admire your work and your creative spirit. Be well!

    • Helloooo! Don’t worry, you’re never late to the party. Blogs are forever, and so are spin-a-longs. 🙂

      Firstly, thank you so much for your kind words! I was very sad to leave Vermont, too, and especially at this time of year I am pining for our old farmhouse and the warmth of its woodstove. Spinning by the fire with a mug of cocoa at my side = perfection. Ah, well. When we finally get up to the northern California woods, I can have my woodstove experience again…and with winter lows of 20 instead of negative 20 degrees, I think I’ll get used to winters like that. I will definitely let you know when I’m coming for a visit. I promised Rachel at Knit or Dye in Brattleboro that I would always schedule workshops when I’m in town. Should be in the Spring sometime.

      And yes, that is me in the Sit and Spin video! I was sitting at Jacey’s left, so on the screen I would be on the right side. I had a fever and chills from mastitis while we were shooting the video…I haven’t even brought myself to watch very much of it because I probably looked miserable!

      Thank you again, for that little boost. Perfect timing. 🙂

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