Contain the Clowns

Once I finished the Whisper Cardigan, I dug out every unfinished project I could find…a top-down cardigan I started in the late Spring over cocoa in Plainfield, MA, a cashmere-blend bunny rabbit that was meant to be a Spring Equinox gift for my son two years ago but for some reason it refuses to be seamed and stuffed, an even longer-abandoned pullover with a lace panel…there’s more, but these are the projects I’ve decided are worth finishing. Working with Malabrigo Chunky isn’t very alluring when it’s over 100 degrees, however, so I think the bunny will get most of the attention this week.

And today, we hung this up:

I finished the net several weeks ago, but now it’s finally serving it’s purpose. Right now, while we’re waiting for the move up north, the Little Guy and I are sharing a full-size bed. Until this morning, we were also sharing it with a menagerie of stuffed things and I spent most of the night kicking them onto the floor, only to pick them up in the morning and start the cycle anew. It’s a simple crocheted net, made up of chains and slip stitches…can’t for the life of me remember where I found the instructions but it would be easy to improvise. Just make a triangle in some sort of open stitch. Raveled here.

I’m not sure the clown is happy about it.


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