Bring It On

The Calm

Manifesting some peace with soothing colors at the wheel…

I have only a precious few threads of sanity left as we navigate what are hopefully the last few weeks of our financially-induced separation. I’m running out of ways to explain why we don’t live with Papa, why we aren’t unpacking things that have been in boxes for months, why I’m prone to sullen moods when I could be allowing myself to create joy where we are. To the Little Guy, a room is a room and a house is a house…it is Papa and I that are home. I just miss having our own little life, as I miss real Autumn and stars in my night sky.

In other news, in case you didn’t know: The Spun Monkey is on Facebook and I will try to get more regular about using it for biz-related updates. See the logo link to the right on the sidebar. Let’s be friends!

After much hemming and hawing, I decided not to apply for Bazaar Bizarre this year. With a moving schedule that is completely up in the air and some health issues to work through, I thought it would be heaping too much on my plate. I will, however, have product at Craftland this year, and of course there is Stitches East coming up soon if you are on what I must now call the Other Coast.

Tomorrow I search for a gluten-free recipe for making Dragon Bread and take an Explore with my boy. My li’l Sis-in-law has punished me greatly with hula conditioning and it’s been a couple days since I could feel my legs, so I think a bicycle ride is in order to work out the pulled muscles. Seriously people, I couldn’t even get down the stairs the last two days. The fronts of my thighs feel like rubber bands stretched to the breaking point.

On that note, I send my weary self to bed and wish you all a happy Friday.


2 thoughts on “Bring It On

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  2. Hey Shannon. Somehow VT does not feel the same. THe leaves have fallen, the pumpkins have ripened and it has even snowed. Yet we returned and you left. I think that is the problem. We miss you deeply and hope all your struggles bring you warmth and snuggles. Lots of love from the Green Mountains. A,E,B,W & H

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