Stocking the pond, a bit of follow-through

Remember these?

1 more to go!

And then there are the Bunny Parts:

Time to sew and stuff some life into this fella, who was meant for a Springtime long ago (*hangs head*), but will now accompany us through the next transition and snug in with us for the winter. Really, though, two years ago O would not have been interested in helping me finish this project, so perhaps it stalled out so we could share some quality stuffing time. Bunny is destined to become a sidekick to another sort of friend, but more on that later…

Spinspiration #1

I find this fellow charming. He sits in the garden at my in-laws house, luring strawberry faeries to the patch. I want to make him into yarn.

Oh, and btw, for any fellow gluten-free folks: Vegetarian Times has a really amazing gluten-free pizza crust in this month’s issue. Really, it’s the best one I’ve tried so far. Excellent flavor, zero reaction…yes, it’s a keeper. The dough is very, very sticky, but I’ve come to accept this as part of gluten-free baking. I really miss bread with a decent crumb.


4 thoughts on “Stocking the pond, a bit of follow-through

  1. Tonight I was just looking around at the Yarn Museum and clicked on this and that – which brought me here… I’m reading, reading, and reading, and thinking – hmm, some of this sounds familiar…
    then the information on for fellow gluten free… and I had to stop and say to my self NO WAY!!! I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!!!
    So, I admire your creativity & your spirit, can relate to what you’ve mentioned (especially the closet and can you go out and do stuff with everyone else…) and feel encouraged on how you may manage the life challenges that come along…
    and that Gluten Free is a way of life for you.

    Same here. Everything down to the makeup and shampoo.

    Thanks for sharing your story – you never know how what you say to someone may affect them for good…



    • Hi Kristine!

      I’m glad you can find some encouragement here. I am now gluten, dairy and egg free and it’s been quite the challenge. I intend to write a bit more about how I’m dealing with that, as planning my meals and outings around my restrictions takes up a good deal of my waking life…preparing things ahead of time, bringing my own food to family gatherings and balancing that with the fact that my son doesn’t have any of these food sensitivities.

      And it’s been a long time since I gave any thought to contributing to the Yarn Museum. I’ll have to send some more pictures their way!

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