Because I Said I Would…

Okay, so I mentioned some plans for kuri squash:

Well, I followed through and it rocked.

I started a day or two ahead by baking up a double recipe of the Ginger Snaps from Nourishing Traditions, substituting coconut oil for the butter (to make it non-dairy) and pecans for the almonds (yes, I’m allergic to those, too). Well, the coconut oil substitution causes them to flatten out and the texture is a bit crumbly, but this is perfectly fine if you’re going to use them for a crust.

The filling goes like this: Cook up and mash a kuri squash (this yielded about 3 cups squash mush), toss in a couple of eggs (I seem to be okay with the eggs from one particular farm, but no other…so I sneak them in about once a week and my body doesn’t seem to notice) and a can of coconut milk. Spice to your heart’s delight…I use generous amounts of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and clove…and a little palm sugar. Not much, though, because I like my squash pie to actually taste like squash. Don’t forget a pinch of salt, and then pour it into a pie pan lined with the crunched up cookies.

I might have lined the bottom with chocolate chips before I poured in the batter. Just maybe.

That’s the best I can do for a recipe…I tend to make things up as I go when dealing with any type of baking that doesn’t involve precise chemistry.

We also had a successful round of Ube pancakes made from leftover mashed Ube (purple yam):

This is the true color, but a very strange thing happened when we mixed it into a batter…GREEN! I did not photograph the pancakes because they looked incredibly unappetizing. But, they tasted wonderful and I think Ube is my new favorite vegetable. Hard to find, but definitely worth trying if you happen upon them. Before becoming pancakes, I had served them simply with a little goat milk and ghee…just like I would with regular mashed potatoes, but these are naturally sweet.

Trying to get back into the swing. More later.


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