It’s 1AM…do you know where your business cards are?

Finally dry and stacked, I was thankful to drag my bleary self to bed last night this morning. Tonight I’m in for a marathon pom-pom making session, tagging and inventory, tomorrow I ship and then I cross my fingers and hope for the best.

If you’re headed to Stitches East, we’re at Booth #318, IndieSpun! I wish I could be there in person with the gals, but alas, there are several things keeping me west-bound this time around.

To get me through these late nights, my brain dances around visions of reunion…every moment of wee-hour effort will help us get closer.

There was a sweet yet brief visit for C’s birthday. A surprise trip down being, of course, a good excuse to experiment with a gluten-free version of my favorite brownie recipe in lieu of a more traditional cake. We are not cake people. The Little Guy sifted through the vast and magical candle drawer and chose a few to his liking:

It was a bit dense, as g-f tends to be…but otherwise quite lovely. This was before I discovered that the Whole carries coconut flour, so there will be some further exploration in the realm of the Perfect G-F Brownie.

I miss this smile in my daily life more than anything:

It’s all the little things that are missing and they add up to one Big Heartache. A moment to share a thought, an idea, a worry. A stolen hug or a knowing glance. Communication without words.

And for them it’s even more important to be in each other’s physical space.

Time to distract myself with Busy.


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