The Eye Boogie Man

When we lived on the rural route in southern Vermont, we didn’t get any trick-or-treaters. It just was not a safe road to be running around on. We would go to an event called the Jack O’ Lantern journey, where a path of pumpkins would light up the woods, with a basket of mama-made treats (not necessarily to eat) beside each pumpkin, and a story told along the way. It was magical, and when I didn’t find something similar to do out here, we had to create a little magic of our own.

I gave the Little Guy a knife and said, “Have at.”

Half an hour, a pile of pumpkin bits and some tempera paint later, he was bursting with glee and pride that he’d given his plump little charge a personality of his own imagining.

For a while, he was just a sweet, smiling face with a nice hairdo…

…but later revealed himself to be none other than…The Eye Boogie Man!


In a good way.

And then when it came to lighting the pumpkins this evening, he was delighted to find that the Pumpkin Faeries had left a macaroon and some dried mangos under Eye Boogie Man’s hat.



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