Unexpected Journey

Today he said, “Mama, let’s go Explore!”

Who could say no to that?

I’ve been spending too much time mourning over the loss of being able to bicycle anywhere we need to go, mourning my old life and my own space…when here my son gives me a gentle lesson in being present.

We started our Journey in a now-familiar place…

Madrone everywhere. He calls it Redwood, and when we walk into this little circle he says in the sweetest awe-filled way, “Mama! They’re so beautiful!

We called around for the shy gnomes hiding amongst the rocks, but instead of pointy-hatted friends, we found a pile of old tin cans…

…which somehow was just as exciting.

We ended up on what we now know is probably a deer path, but at the time we were following one of the farm dogs and assumed she knew where she was taking us. Suddenly, we were on a very steep hill, making our way down towards the river by slip-sliding through the mud and poison oak and down the mossy rocks. Eventually, we made it safely down to the river’s edge where we met some mushrooms.

And busied ourselves with Fetch.

The way back up was daunting, precarious, and once or twice even a bit frightening. The pup led the way and it differed from the path we’d taken down, but she got us home and for that I am quite thankful. Home…where we stripped down, scrubbed with Technu and threw our clothes in the washer. I am not susceptible to poison oak, but C gets it baaaaaad.

In shop news, I am posting new goodies on a daily basis. I have added some acorn-dyed wool nubbins, from my experiments whilst staying the Bay Area. This dye batch was very special, the acorns having come from beneath a venerable and beloved pre-Colonial California Coast Oak named Grandpa Dad. He is quite magnificent. Besides the wool nubbins, there will also be some acorn-dyed tussah silk noil going into the shop. I decided to keep the merino and merino cross for myself, which you can see in the middle picture below.

Noils on the left, merino in the middle, nubbins on the right. The nubbins can be found here.

Also, some yarn! My focus for the next several sessions are to play at striping yarns with the rainbow of kettle-dyed falklands and merino I brought with me to the farm. Biohazard is now in the shop. Click the pic to get there.

Night night!



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