Down the Path…

…and into the woods…

…to find forgotten things melting back into the earth…

…and the river…

…and some quiet, while the Boy raked and weeded, helping to prepare a bed for planting garlic.

…and found carrots, which might have gone the way of the abandoned truck (although, a wee more nourishing for the soil), but now we have a sweet bushel and a half.

I have more photos than words these days…in a new place, I find my eyes are searching and feasting, I have dirt under my nails and sore arms from my obsessive wood-chopping (I can’t believe I had to come back to California to learn this skill…you’d think I would have picked it up after four Vermont winters!)…I am full of sensory experiences that don’t translate well to the written word…it will come in time, but all is freshness, touch, smell, the sound of goats, ducks and frogs.

And somewhere in there, I am bothering to list things:

Earth and Sky Fiber Set with wool nubbins, icicle and tussah silk, 1/2 oz.

I am also somehow managing to get in many an evening of spinning, and there are oodles of felt scarves to photograph over the holiday weekend. Look for those and new Mitt Kits in the shop over the weekend and into next week.

Tomorrow, we get on the Greyhound for a looooooooong ride down to my Mom’s house. Wish us luck keeping the Boy entertained for 8 hours on a bus (and myself, for that matter)! Whooooooo!

At least we shall have warm hugs and a feast to celebrate the journey’s end. Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!


2 thoughts on “Down the Path…

  1. Hi Shan,
    so good to have you on this coast again. MAYBE (just maybe! *_*) I can meet my nephew now! I look forward to the day. I will measure my wrists this year if the offer is still out to make me some fancy arm thingys. I love you and miss you.

  2. LOOK at these pictures! My kind of beautiful. And those wool nubbins! I have to admit I don’t think I’ve ever seen those before. crazy looking, so neverland mermaid-lagoon…I’ll have to put them on my Christmas list! I don’t have a Christmas list, so I’ll have to make them my Christmas list! It’s always good to catchup here, sweet spun:).

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