Burble. Gurgle.

My Busy Fermenting Bee…

…otherwise known as C the Fabulous, has become obsessed with fermentation. To the left in the crock is an improvised kimchi, and in the jars are a traditional sauerkraut, sauerruben and onions with dill and mustard seed. Fortunately, my in-laws kitchen table is long enough for us all to share our dining space with the Fermentation Station. The kimchi was jarred up today, just about eight pints and it is DELICIOUS. We bought fresh, organic savoy from a local farm, carrots, garlic, daikon and ginger…I think a whole jar of chili paste. Part of his passion is to provide me with foods aplenty that will help heal my LGS and eliminate my food sensitivities. Anyway, I think the kimchi went for about a week in the crock. It was so active that we had to keep the crock in a pan to catch all the liquid rising up and out of the top.

I love how festive the sauerruben looks with a handful of radish throw in! Otherwise it is mostly turnips, a little celaraic and the extra savoy we had leftover from the kimchi and kraut. This one is still doing it’s thing, so we haven’t tried it. The onions will probably go for three or four weeks yet.

Today we worked on cards, tomorrow we dip candles and every day (and into the night) I have been working on items for the Shop…mostly felting but there will be new yarns this weekend and some crafting fibers, too.

Right now I’m offering a free upgrade to priority mail shipping through Monday, and free first-class shipping until the New Year.

Back later with a Hike Report. It was awesome.


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