Ringing it in…


We spent the last month of 2009 being here, soaking up time with our families, shedding the crusty layers of a long and difficult year that included lost jobs, saying goodbye to friends and our home in Vermont, a few broken dreams, a few more moves and dearly departed loved ones. Purposefully, we didn’t make any plans these last few weeks. There has been enough to process, to reflect upon, to forgive and forget, to work through before we could be ready to move on. In a rare and lovely evening with the house all to ourselves, C and I spent New Year’s Eve putting some of all that processed junk into words. The opportunity to speak freely is something one takes for granted when living in one’s own house. We find ourselves in a multi-generational household, complete with teenagers who stay up until 1AM, and having just come from a communal situation at the farm and several months apart before that, it felt like it had been ages since we had a moment to connect, just the two of us.

And so we enter 2010 on the same page, ready to start down a shiny new path. We’re putting out feelers from the Bay all the way up the west coast, with a whole lot of faith that some awesome things are ready to materialize. It’s time.

It’s also time to think about a new list of Goals and Things and to revisit some areas in my life that need work.

A few of the Things off the top of my head: *slow down, slow down, take it all in…*make dates with myself…*movement class…*scratch, scribble, brush…every day on paper…*grow my business…(and a thicker skin…)*find a foraging mentor…*give more, give back…*receive graciously…*learn to be okay with asking for what I need…*trust in myself as much as the Boy does…*make my first quilt…crazy? or paper piecing?…*live joyously and spread it around…*divest myself of baggage, simplify.

There are always books to read, projects to finish, skills to acquire…I could make myself a long list, impossible to complete when there are still so many big changes up ahead…so just a few ideas in a stream-of-consciousness sort of way. I suppose I really could sit down and write some specific goals to look back upon next year, but I think this time around I’m going to leave expectations behind and enter this decade with an open heart.


1 thought on “Ringing it in…

  1. Shan-

    so many good things here. Yes to starting a quilt! It is so worth it- you’ll have a project that will bring you through many hours of your life, and a warm treasure at the end.

    Have faith and envision your future home. I know you will find it.

    peace and blessings for 2010

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