Workshops East and West…Oh, and Some Rambling.

The Boy wants a cat named Potato.

He says his fingers have knees. Fingerknees.

And that he’s “hot as a monster,” and so sweat he can’t stay under the covers.

He wants to know why Pete didn’t get up and get dressed today. Like he did the other day to come with us to the farmer’s market.

I want to know when I can give him a new home for us and that cat named Potato.

In the meantime, if you’re in the Bay, I’ll be teaching a nuno felting workshop at Urban Fauna Studio on January 23rd. Details HERE. There is no felting experience required, as this is an introductory class. We’ll make a small piece you can either use as fabric to cut and sew, or add a button to and use as a neckwarmer. We’re also thinking about scheduling a class for designing and creating a larger piece, like a scarf or wrap. Please let Jamie or Blas know if you’re interested and we’ll get it on the menu!

And for those of you lovely New Englanders that might be interested, we are going to have a whole weekend of felting mayhem at Knit or Dye in Brattleboro, VT. That’s right…coming back to my beloved wintery wonderland to teach two five-hour workshops, Saturday and Sunday, March 13 and 14. You can take one or both days, as they are each different and neither requires any previous experience with felting. Saturday will be an Introduction to Nuno Felting and Sunday will be The Nuno Felt Scarf, a design workshop where we create a larger piece. If we get it filled up so I can fly out there, we will also try scheduling a kids’ bead-making workshop and some spinning classes or private lessons. Be in touch if you’re interested!

This post is all over the place, but look what C found:

Gobs of them. Dinner last night and dinner tomorrow night. Some of them were as big as my hand. C definitely has his Mushroom Eyes on lately…every time we are out on a hike we wonder at how we’ve forgotten to bring a satchel and he ends up stripping off a layer of clothing for carrying home the latest find. The other day there was a specimen the size of a serving platter that we still haven’t been able to identify and it’s beginning to stink up the garage. This oyster score was pretty sweet, though.

And there’s been some of this:

Love Is A Candy Heart – handspun single

Yes, I’ve gone and done it…and there will probably be a few more. I couldn’t help myself.

Random enough for you?

Happy Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Workshops East and West…Oh, and Some Rambling.

  1. Hurray! Hurray!! I’m SOOOO glad you have the scarf workshop on Sunday because that’s the only day that I can come!!! Will tell everyone at Sit and Spin tonight at Six Loose Ladies and spread the word in the fiber world in Vermont (or what I’m involved in anyhow.) Love the yarn!! Very purty!! And can I tell you, btw, how cool I think it is that it’s MY scarf (Atomic) that is on your blog page!!! Just noticed that. LOL!!

  2. gah! your boys are by the Juice Bar! I worked there! I’m going to be on the look out for you guys-I’ve been reading this blog for a few years now and its so neat to see you actually in my town now!!!!! I don’t know why I’m not over this yet.

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