Baste the world. It’s raining!

After lights-out, the Boy often shares a Deep Thought or two. Sometimes he asks for my input on an Important Question…

Tonight he wanted to know why the stars are like tiny glowing lentils.


In other news, the rain hath given us a LAKE!

So, of course, we ran outside with a turkey baster.

Usually, there would be grass behind him, maybe some leaves and pine needles. Once pails and jars had been filled and dumped and filled again, and the baster sufficiently clogged with muddy water, we moved on to lake soccer!!!! We were sopping, dripping and bedraggled with glee when we finally came inside for some hot soup.

Sledding it ain’t, but we dig the H2O in all its forms. All our favorite haunts will be quenched and lush.

I have been enjoying the dark, damp days, but the low light level did not help me get a decent shot of the most recent batch of kimchi put up in the crock today. This time, C used watermelon radishes, kale and dragon carrots. The colors will seep and blend as the mixture ferments, but the bright pink disks of radish, deep green of the kale and the blood orange colored carrots made for quite the mouth-watering vision of loveliness. The Boy had a blast choppity chopping.

Tomorrow I will be fulling a batch of long-draw 2-ply yarns. I have been loving this method of spinning batts, whether textured or smooth, but it is quite time-consuming. They are, however, quite fine and would be lovely for lacework. I’m getting about 90+ yards per ounce.

I’ll leave you with something tweedy (Dijon Tweed):

Don’t forget to enter the ‘Tangled’ GIVEAWAY! Scroll down or click here to comment on yesterday’s post before midnight Friday. I’m enjoying everyone’s comments and questions! Off to answer some. šŸ™‚

Oh, and thank you, AmpuTeeHee, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing Pride and Prejudice as told using Emoticons. It brought a smile to my face, too.


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