Come Into My Lab…

We have experiments aplenty to fill our wet winter days.

Miss M and I traipsed about the neighborhood on a sloppy day last week and picked a basketful of sopping oak apples (aka galls).

We had to dry them out before they could be smashed into bits…

And now they are in a dyepot with raw silk scraps, a silk scarf, some suri alpaca locks and tussah silk noil. We brought it to a simmer for an hour or so, but otherwise the mixture has just been sitting around for a couple of days. Tonight, we combine vinegar and steel wool to make an acid/rust bath to dip all the material into, so as to darken and set the dye. The goal here is black.

Once the materials are removed from the dyepot, we will boil it down to make ink (we hope). I’ve been reading Diary of an Early American Boy and am now obsessed with the idea of a little stone inkpot and a crow quill to write with. I daydream about teaching my son the art of beautiful, thoughtful penmanship.

In the meantime, C has been working on a barn. It started out as a “doghouse” project to work on with the Boy, who desperately wanted a home for his stuffed doggie. It has become something much more than that…a work of love with mortise and tenon construction, wooden pegs, all the pieces fitting neatly together. It will be the Boy’s job to pound in all the wooden pegs and give it all a good rubdown with beeswax when construction is complete.

C needs to do a lot more of this…it’s where he finds his joy…he’s thinking rabbit hutches and coops for little wooden friends…

The rain has stopped…time to get out and explore the damp world. Loads of plying to look forward to when we come back inside…


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