An (almost) Perfect Sunday

This morning, my dear friend Migraine had not yet subsided. She is an every-other-monthly visitor around these parts and usually she takes a hike sometime during the night and I wake up with a clear head. To my surprise, she decided to stay for breakfast this time around, so we curled up with a blanket, some tea and a hot water bottle (because Lady Migraine is always the harbinger of another special visitor) and relaxed with a project while she slowly took her leave.

The sun peeked in and out. I felt better. A walk was had in which it was discovered that the remaining oak galls are waterlogged and getting a wee…nasty. There will be no ink-making, then, as the dyebath from the previous post or two has been totally exhausted. Ink for my imaginary stone ink pot will have to come from another source and/or wait for a different season.

A little behind schedule, but some things are in their finishing stages…

Yes, Crewel and Unusual will be open shortly.

And new felt in the usual place later this week.

There were many things on the list that didn’t happen, but I feel accomplished despite waking up on the wrong side of my head. In fact, it was a perfect combination of forced relaxation and the compulsion to create. Did I mention there were cuddles involved?

In between said cuddles, the Boy turned his attention to property maintenance.

Monday will find me under a pile of tax-related nonsense. I shall attempt to make sense of it. Wish me luck!


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