Five Senses Friday

Adopted from Abby’s blog…would you like to play along? Leave a comment or link to your blog…

Touching: Noses with the Boy. And now I have funny colors on my face, too.

Tasting: Lemonade grapefruit. Will eat them constantly until citrus season ends.

Smelling: Healing elixir aka homemade chicken stock from one of our own roosters…we ended up with a few too many this past summer and now this fella will help C through his sickies and ickies. The whole house smelled delicious. We are grateful to you, Mr. Bird.

Hearing: Frogs chirping at the open space.

Seeing: Daffodils! Daffodils! I’d been thinking about how much I miss the happy yellow of forsythia, the first brilliant color we would see when springtime hit Vermont. The daffies had quite the shade of happy going on.
C helped me with some photos for a book submission today…I am a terrible model. I look as miserable as I feel about having my photo taken. There were a few, though, that didn’t make it into the trash bin and I will post them along with my felt update tomorrow. I won’t find out about whether any of the images will appear in the book until December, so into the mail and out of my head it will go. Maybe I’ll get a nice surprise at the end of the year.


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