Nerd Alert

I’m so thrilled with this project and the fact that it’s actually, finally finished…can you tell? I rarely smile for the camera on purpose, but I couldn’t wait for C to snap a photo of this one. I spent two years on it, mainly because knitting with cotton is a terrible thing to do to one’s hands. Oh, the appreciation I have now for the elasticity and gentle kindness of working with wool. My solution was to take the project out of storage and, for the last few months, knit only a few rows each night as C read the Boy his bedtime story. Eventually, the few rows here and there added up to a completed project!

The pattern = totally enjoyable. It would have knit up quickly in wool, so my grand plan is to work this up again, but with long sleeves, a cowl neck and in some sort of burgundy/rusty colored plied wool yarn.

I did, however, start up an insane knitting project that I will have to finish first. It will be my first sweater that must be seamed and it’s…mohair. And…cabled. I will get through it because the yarn is the prettiest green ever. Truly. I spent more time than I care to admit converting the pattern into a top-down knit, but ultimately decided that I should just suck it up and learn how to seam. So, yeah…more on that later.

Oh, and I bring you my first ever Bathroom-Mirror-Self-Portrait. We all have to do it sometime…right?

I missed out on the opportunity to have C photograph some new scarves for the shop. I will attempt some fun with a tripod this week because he landed a job and will no longer be around 24/7 to swap parenting duties and take pictures of me wearing things. I will miss him during the week, but oh, how we’ve needed this to happen. Tomorrow is his first day, and he is adorably nervous.

Check these out in the meantime, while I figure out the tripod thing:

These were all submitted for the book I was vaguely telling you about in a previous post…and are now available and up in the shop.

The top right piece was created using the last of the organic merino wool I dyed with acorns from the 400+ year old oak tree in the backyard.

Happy Monday!


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