Five Senses Friday

Adopted from Abby’s blog…would you like to play along? Leave a comment or link to your own blog…

Touching: Fuzzy wuzzy mohair. Constantly. I can’t get enough of knitting this sweater. I’m not even sure what’s so magical about it…certainly not the shape. The style is very old-fashioned and boxy. Perhaps it’s the rhythm and ease of the cable pattern, very meditative.

Tasting: The first asparagus of the season…perfect, slender spears of goodness. We sauteed them up for breakfast…*insert contented sigh here*

Smelling: Plasti-Dip. Okay, that’s more like huffing. Making sure the kiddo doesn’t slip in his Elf Shoes!

Hearing: Zombie sounds. And: “I’m a zombie! And zombies eat persons! And you’re a person!” More zombie sounds. From whence does this come???

Seeing: Blooms, blooms everywhere I look. I know, I know…shut up about Spring. I can’t help it, though…being back on the west coast it’s totally in my face and increasing exponentially by the day. It’s as if I’d spent a lifetime in Vermont, rather than just a few years, so enchanting this is. And in February, of all months! Observe:

Happy weekend!


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