Getting Ready…

Spring? Are you here? Oh…hello!

Every morning I wake up expecting (hoping) to be greeted by a chilly white landscape. Glittering snow, a biting wind…

Instead, I have this:

And C is filling his weekends doing this:

No, this ain’t New England. I feel like I’ve missed out on something huge. Winter was half the year in southern VT…it was something I could count on, a force that tested me and fostered a deep respect for the circle game of the seasons. All the warm months were spent in preparation of it’s coming, and all the cold months in making plans for the season of sowing, swimming and wet, sticky summer air and how to make the most of it. I know the Boy misses the Snow As Playground…he built his first snowman, his first igloo and put on his first pair of skis all during our last winter there. And now I struggle to fill our days with adventure in a seemingly unchanging climate. Wow, it is so ridiculously easy to romanticize, eh? I wasn’t the one changing a flat tire at 4am on the way to work in -20F. I shoveled when I wanted to. I spun yarn by the woodstove. I pulled my Boy on a sled. We ate snowflakes. C had to muck around in it, work in it, unfreeze equipment constantly and slide around on black ice. He has zero romantic attachments to the “real” winter experience.

So, anyway, yeah…we’re apparently ready to start some seeds now and I’m having a difficult time getting into the mood.

Feeling homesick.


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready…

  1. after 12 years on cape cod i am still homesick for vermont — and do you know how i found you? checked in to soulemama’s blog after a long hiatus away, saw her post on you and thought to myself, she looks like a vermonter, i’ll check out her etsy shop and see where she’s from and voila! here i am…vermont has a way of seeping into a soul…and i too am a tea drinker and get the best chai (ever — been buying it from him for at least 11 years) from an indian family in b’boro…

    • Vermont sure does have a way of seeping into the soul…I daydream about ending up there again someday…and I suppose it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility, but…it will certainly be some time in coming. When I was a vendor at the Bratt Farmer’s Market, there was some pretty wonderful chai there…who knew southern VT would be the place to go for excellent chai? 🙂

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