Pleasant Distractions

Weekends are precious now that C is working “regular” hours. They also slip away too quickly. Saturday is always a mad errand-dash, and Sunday is a day for gardening, cooking and preparing for the week ahead.

This weekend followed the formula, except for an incident Saturday evening involving that frozen granola I mentioned in the previous post…let’s just say I have an emergency dental visit scheduled for tomorrow morning. To distract myself from my oral discomfort today, I set about to busy myself. There were stockpots and dyepots, yarn spun and dinner made. In between, I stamped. A lot.

I also thought about what we might do on Baking Day with this awesome score from a local thrift store:

“Prehistoric Monster” cookie cutters. I loved them so much I spent 50 whole cents on them. I told the Boy I had a surprise for him when we left the store. His eyes grew big with anticipation and when I handed over the box of cookie cutters for inspection, he promptly asked if he could have a different surprise. Perhaps he was expecting…a laser? A rocket ship? A laser-equipped rocket ship?

Well, anyway, he’s excited about them now. Biscuits, cookies, tea sandwiches. The world of dino-shaped foods is wide open to us and we will explore it.

I rotated things on the rack…

Have I mentioned I snagged a last-minute opening at the Knit One One March Madness Craft Sale this coming Saturday, March 6th?  Mark your calendar and come check it out if you’re East Bay/Berkeley local. I won’t be debuting Crewel and Unusual at this show as I’m waiting on some finishing supplies, but expect to see it at Craft Happy on March 20th. I will, however, have LOTS of new felt and a moderate quantity of yarn this coming Saturday.

And now to try and sleep with this aching jaw…I cannot wait to see Dr. L in the morning.


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