…by sweetness.

In a previous post, I briefly acknowledged my desire for writing with proper pen and ink, and for making that ink myself and storing it in a stone inkpot. I yearn for a simpler life, to be the farmer’s wife churning butter, baking and sewing all day, and for a time when beautiful penmanship was valued and it took weeks to receive a handwritten letter sealed with wax and delivered on horseback.

Well, just the other day, a lovely parcel arrived from dear Celeste. Atop the contents, a little note:

And what do I find?

A perfectly beautiful stone inkpot, a handcarved bamboo pen and a packet of ink tablets. Heaven! Thank you so much, Celeste!!!! Best mail day in recent times, especially since I also received a real, live handwritten letter that day, too. 🙂

I only wish I felt up to playing with these treasures right now, but I am recovering from a really intense oral surgery today…my jawbone splintered a bit when the screw was put in, and the pain and swelling are more than I expected…a lot more. It feels like someone is pulling my tongue out with pliers while simultaneously squeezing my sinuses in a vice and we won’t even talk about the puffy ‘walnut’ behind the surgical site. I never take painkillers. Really, never. We just called the dentist for an emergency prescription. Only what was left of my li’l bro-in-law’s vicodin stash got me through the afternoon. Rather than sleep, I am updating and applying. There is only so much sleeping I can pretend to do.

Am hoping I will be up to bringing the progeny to tomorrow’s parkday…but it’s not looking good.

I don’t think he’ll mind as much as I, however, as he has a shiny new Papa-built see-saw…

And he hates it. Can’t you tell? Ha.

It has morphed from see-saw to balance beam to scale to ramp to roof to chair…a most versatile and engaging piece of equipment.

As requested, I had planned on sharing my GF pizza crust recipe in this post, but it’s going to have to wait…I am reaching my threshold with looking at this screen for a bit, but I do plan on posting it. Perhaps I might really sleep right now if I let myself.

I’ll leave you with the latest incarnation of the fiber I dyed with acorns this past fall and with oak galls more recently…

Squirrel Party

Acorn-dyed organic merino top, merino locks, and oak-gall dyed tussah silk noil and suri alpaca, rainbow sari silk and naturally white suri.


3 thoughts on “Touched…

  1. I remember making walnut ink with a friend when we were young. We would walk home across the park, we weren’t supposed to, to find the walnuts. I think my container molded, or got thrown out. But years later I picked her up at the airport after she graduated college and we were hanging out in her room and there it was still on her desk!

  2. wow. that yarn is fantastic, and I love all that went into it. I had no idea you could do all that!

    Your surgery sounds like a blast 😉 I am sending healing vibes your way.

    And that see saw is genius! my girls would love one of those and I can guarantee that it would never, ever be used as a see saw, but made to do all those things your little guy thought up. Looks like fun. And well-timed, too.

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