Five Senses Friday/Gratitude Friday

The root: Adopted from Abby’s blog…a reflection…would you like to play along? Leave a comment or link to your own blog…

Hearing: Nothing! My squeaky wheel got the grease and is no longer squawking at me when I sit down to a meditative spin. I suppose I should really say I hear a whiiirrrrrrrr. 🙂

Touching: The stitches in my mouth with my tongue. I can’t help it even though it kills. They’re ever-so-oddly fascinating.

Seeing: The hoops go up! C didn’t have much in the way of work this week, so he spent a goodly amount of time in the garden building hoop houses out of bamboo to protect our baby garden beds. No more kitty cat digging up the carrot seeds.

Tasting: Milk thistle tincture. Not tasty, but not horrible. The post-surgery pain meds are building up in my system and causing unpleasant reactions…hoping this will help me process it out.

Smelling: Sooooouuuuup. Pretty much all week. Yum.

I’ve decided that FSF is a lot like Gratitude Friday…perhaps this is why I haven’t felt compelled to resurrect the latter or place it on another day. Recalling ways in which all my senses were stimulated during the past week spawns gobs of appreciation and gratitude as I reflect. I have to really look back on the past few days, dissect and chew on things a little to find the gems that stand out. It’s more of an exercise for me, which is what I need right now.

Sandy beaches have been on my mind…never in our four years in Vermont did we take a trip to the seacoast…strange. We will have no excuse not to visit a beach every once in a while this summer. Until then, I dreamed up my perfect afternoon by the sea…



3 thoughts on “Five Senses Friday/Gratitude Friday

  1. i said the Sea Coast, meaning the New Hampshire Sea Coast…I just can’t believe we never took any day trips when it wasn’t that far away. Maine was most certainly not a day trip! That was a very special kind of thing. I used to go to the beach several times a year living in CA, so close to it.

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