Five Senses Friday

Seeing: Baby figs. About the size of my pinky fingernail and completely adorable.

Tasting: Fiddleheads. Smaller and more bitter than the amazing New England fiddleheads we ate every Spring, but a mountain of them at a California table made our Vermont Boy very happy.

Touching: Heavy clay soil…breaking it up with my fingertips and infusing it with love, in hopes it will accept and nurture our baby melon and squash plants.

Hearing: Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! We had a swarm in a notch of the lowest oak branch for about two days. Wished we had a hive and suit! Maybe next time we’ll be prepared…

Smelling: Lemon balm.


3 thoughts on “Five Senses Friday

  1. Oh dear–I wish you would have called me. I would have come and picked up that swarm and given it to a friend whose hive collapsed. Maybe next time…

    I added you to my blog roll so I can read your posts. You have a lovely site.

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