Egg Play, Wool Play and a Stern Muppet

I happened upon this by way of a dear friend, and as I was too late to sign up for class, decided to give the project a little love on my own.

I have a favorite:

This weekend was full of Dyepots and Treadling, Labyrinth Walking and Mama Cow Avoidance (why must the baby cows stand right in the middle of the hikers’ path?) and Lovely Statements Out of Nowhere like, “Mama, my hat is backwards so we can kiss.”

Dreadlocks from the Dyepot:

In other news, C has been feeling a little grumpy and broken (today it was smashing his knee with a sledge hammer). He looked in the mirror and told me he feels like some variety of “stern muppet.” Like Bert, perhaps. And now, of course, I can’t stop myself from superimposing Bert onto C and chuckling a bit to myself, but he is taking this growly and frustrated thing a bit to heart. I intend to kidnap him next weekend for some much needed family time. As in, just the three of us for a day. A whole day. No projects involving potentially dangerous tools. No interruptions and background noise. No wishing we were somewhere else. Just a day to appreciate that we have each other and how much that really means and what a comfort it is, even with our life still in boxes and so many big decisions looming, waiting…so easy, it is, to forget that we are both here, working toward the same goals, working through the same fears and that we are available to support each other. Waves, sand and stone may help bring it all in…



3 thoughts on “Egg Play, Wool Play and a Stern Muppet

  1. What egg-y fun!

    Sorry about your grumpy muppet. We escaped yesterday to the hills to “our hike” it’s the one I used to do at least two times a week when I was pregnant. A made it the whole way (about 3 miles) at a run. It definitely was grump reducing.

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