Five Senses Friday

A weekly ritual of reflection…play along, if you wish.

Seeing: Blossoms down…all at once, the trees are bare of their pink and white petals. Now, I look up and see greeeeeeeeen.

Tasting: Chocolate Mint Tea…my new best friend.

Hearing: Happy stuff I dug out of the CD vault. Anyone else still listen to CDs?

Touching: The short hairs on the back of my head…I really tried to grow it out. Really. I brought this picture to the salon today. And now I’m happy and pet-able.

Smelling: Cooooooookies. Pecan shortbread thumbprints filled with chocolate. Inspired by this, but made gluten free and pecans + me forever and ever. Eat your heart out, hazelnuts. They were awesome.


2 thoughts on “Five Senses Friday

  1. oh my. I think I need to meet your good friend chocolate mint tea. and yay for greeeeeeen!

    coming back to New England?! sweet:) we lived in San Diego for a while but eventually moved back. Part of it was the lack of real seasons…

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