Five Senses Friday (the Monday version)

It seems I really need this weekly ritual of reflection, and if I have to skip it for some reason (like last week), I’d rather not go a full two weeks without stopping to acknowledge the ways in which the world is seeping through my senses every day. Often, it is a way for me to bring the Positive and the Beautiful into the spotlight for a moment, to keep my perspective clear. It’s easy, if I skip this simple exercise, to let the weight of Everything Else become too heavy a burden, to keep me down in my foxhole while the rest of the world is waking up to the freshness of Spring.

Seeing: More baby food (as in, baby plants)! It’s coming up everywhere!

Smelling: Wisteria, oh my. So sweet. There is talk of trying a recipe with it…apparently only certain parts are toxic and there are ways to eat it safely. We’re pushing it as far as we can with eating from our own backyard…

Tasting: Freshly picked arugula…the first of our greens to be ready.

Hearing: Three versions of Twinkle, Twinkle, ad nauseum. The Boy asked me if he could have a violin. Discouraging interest in music is NOT an option, so we rented one (cheap!) and are trying out some lessons, 15 minutes/week, to see if his interest holds. He wants to hear the Suzuki CD all the way through every day.

Touching: Cool water on my legs at the public pool as I watch the Boy learn to kick and float.

Feeling: A disquieting combo of two parts anxious to one part hopeful.

I noticed that many folks who play along are replacing “touching” with “feeling” and I see those concepts as two wholly different sensations…one purely physical, the other purely emotional. I enjoy the challenge of recalling a noteworthy physical sensation, but also would like to acknowledge the prevailing emotion carrying (or dragging) me through the week. So, instead of replacing, I’m adding a “sixth sense” to the list from now on. So, anyway, play along if you wish…five senses or six…comment or link…

A shipment has been mailed off to Maryland Sheep and Wool (Cloverhill Yarn Shop), and now I am frantically preparing for Baz Biz at Maker Faire. I am wishing there were several of me, as there are a few other things on the plate, too. It’s all good, but I have a beyond part-time workload with less than part-time available to me for creating product. I’d like to take The Spun Monkey to the next level, and tell C to quit his job and work on his own projects, too, allowing me more time to build my business, but that doesn’t really correlate with trying to get back on our feet financially and move back into our own space. I’m hoping to attend this to gain some confidence in trusting myself to take that step. A train ride, a couch or two to crash on…perhaps my last hurrah on the west coast…who knows.

Anyway, I did complete a commission this weekend…a U Lock cozy:

Pics on an actual U Lock to come.

Fun stuff…there will be some at Maker Faire, oh yes.


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