What happened?

Yesterday evening, I drove through pelting rain under a bright blue sky, and then home again under the light of a round, pale ochre moon softly glowing in the blue-blackness. Two strangely beautiful skyscapes and a lot of time to think.

There are ideas brewing and big changes are close at hand. Meanwhile, April slipped past with nary a trace, tomorrow is May and frost still lingers on rooftops. The last few days I find myself waking with C at 5am and have discovered that early morning is a wonderful time to begin my work for the day. It gives me a couple of hours before the Boy wakes up and I use the time in a much more productive way than when I use the late/wee hours instead. I am apparently much less functional at 1am than I had previously thought! Besides, the quality of sleep is far superior when I allow myself to crash at a decent hour. And now, at 7am, the house is quiet, I have hot chai and the light is morning-perfect. Another ball of wool is by my side, waiting to be stripped out for a whirl, and I contemplate the nearness of Maker Faire.

I am not in a panic.

Okay, maybe a little.

But I will set it aside today, as I did yesterday, for today’s Explore with the Boy…going out to where the earth touches the Bay, windy and exposed, to search for barn owl nests. Yesterday it was Shell Ridge Open Space, by bicycle and then by foot and then by hands and feet, a little scrambling, lots of rock “sanding” and building, plenty of peeking at the teeny tiny flowers hiding in the native grasses. We met a volunteer there who had been weed-whacking an invasive thistle…the Boy took a shine to him (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the gasoline-powered tool he was carrying) and we received an impromptu tour of the native plants he’s helping to preserve. Purple wine cup flowers, purple needle grass, and several other lovely purple friends whose names I can’t recall.

Anyway, sunshine today and no rain…a chance for our squash plants to recover (they are SAD) and OH! By the way…MDSW is THIS WEEKEND. Please go and play if you are near. Test out the awesome-looking new Majacraft wheel designed with Lexi of Pluckyfluff and please oh please stop by  the Cloverhill Yarn Shop’s booth, where you will find a pile of Spun Monkey yarn and dyed fibery bits.

Well, whatever happened to April, please enjoy this last day of it, wherever you are!

I’m off to soak up the last wee morsels of morning quiet…


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