Five (or six) Senses Friday

A weekly ritual of reflection…play along if you wish…

Seeing: The colors in nature reflected in my work. Those glorious poppies are still hanging on…

Smelling: The sweetness of the grasses drying in the sun.

Touching: Tiny friends…ladybugs, pillbugs and crawdads.

Hearing: The jazz station on every car ride…the Boy loves him some trumpet.

Tasting: Banana-peanut butter-kefir smoothies…it’s the only way I can get the goat kefir down that is so integral to my healing. Not that I mind.

Feeling: Accomplished, but I’ve still got a loooooooong way to go.

Besides spinning until I can’t feel my fingers, this weekend will be filled with gardening, as there are many seedlings to transfer. The bees seem to be done with the borage, so we will be cutting it back to make room for other things. Some of the leaves will be made into borage-honey cough syrup and borage lemonade, some will be cooked and frozen for adding to soups and the flowers will make their way into ice cube trays to fancy up warm-weather drinks like…water. I made one disastrous attempt at candying violets a few summers past, but am willing to try again with the borage flowers simply because I hate to see them go.

Oh, and there will be plenty of mothering and being mothered.



4 thoughts on “Five (or six) Senses Friday

  1. wow on the borage-honey cough syrup. I’m so curious…
    And I laughed about the jazz station. We used to live in San Diego and the jazz station is all we listened to. Then we moved back to New England and were so disappointed to know there is not a full-time jazz station. what’s up with that?
    The yarn interpretation of that photo of the poppies is AMAZING! well done.

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