…it’s that thing I’m supposed to be doing instead of moping around, right?

Stuck, stuck, stuck.

Camping this weekend should help with a little emotional detox, though. A lake in the woods is a great place to dump one’s mental baggage…just don’t forget to tie a few bricks to it before you let it go.

We’ll also be exploring the Grass Valley area as a potential destination for our moving boxes. It’s a dual-purpose kind of trip. I have no expectations…just some hope and a picture of ourselves happy in our work, with a gaggle of goats to tend, a place to build the outdoor bread oven and my lime-colored chopsticks unpacked and sitting on my dinner table.

Running has helped immensely. I started up again after an eight year hiatus just a few weeks ago. I feel better, physically, than I have felt in a very long time, and I’ve also noticed a lift in my spirits. I have no idea how far I’m going….just picked a loop that, for now, takes me about 35 minutes to complete. That’s enough for me to know. The early-twenties runner in me always wanted to know how far, how fast and what her heart rate was up to. She only cared about the numbers and feeling a decent burn and then she was off on the bike or the climbing wall. She couldn’t have cared less about the way she was running. Current me is fascinated with the whole process. I think about things like the angle of my foot as it hits the pavement and how my posture changes to accommodate the terrain. It crosses my mind to check the library for a few books on running. Am I doing it right? I guess the point is that a decade ago, I didn’t give a moment’s thought to how my joints would feel at 40 or 50, or about cultivating good form and a healthy respect for all my delicate inner workings. I’ll be 32 this month, and keeping the inner workings happy seems to have made its way to a much higher position on the ol’ Priority List.

Well, anyway, so far it’s a pretty decent buoy, the running thing.

Like peas.

And the sky, now that the rain has given way to consistent summer-y sunshine.

You will notice spinning fibers are reappearing in the shop. Expect to see more of them. I’ve really been enjoying the dyepots lately, so I’m riding that wave…Fiber Clubs are coming soon for both acid and natural dyes! Subscribe to the feed on my Etsy shop to be notified when the subscriptions become available, or just watch this blog. In the meantime, there are new goodies going up every day:

Time to bring the drum carder out under the beautiful spirit-buoying sky.


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