happy (almost) birthday to me

three days early…

chocolate + lavender = totally amazing.

Mom and I had each, independently of the other, made mental note of the recipe when we saw it in the local paper’s Food and Wine section. And then we both forgot to cut it out. The internet saved my birthday brownies. Whoot!

I did the only responsible thing, which was to finish them off, as The Boy (with some help) plans to bake me a carrot cake on my real birthday and I probably shouldn’t have both brownies and cake hanging around…right? I know he’s going to dig through Grandma’s candle drawer for the big number candles…those thick, colorful block numbers that have been around for countless birthdays, generally appearing as a single digit. The Boy hasn’t quite grasped the idea that some adults actually mind being reminded about their age, and he proudly displayed the numbers “56” on my dad’s birthday popcorn balls last month. As an aside, it’s not easy to stick the wide bases of those candles into a popcorn ball.

Anyway, I dig the lavender brownies and all, but approaching 32 has not been a celebration for me. The last year has been rife with struggle and I’m putting a great deal of pressure on myself to mark the transition into this new year of my life as a springboard for the rest of it. I should really get jazzed up on that idea, but instead it’s feeling a bit weighty…perhaps I’m just coming down from my sugar high.

Or perhaps I’m just making too damn much of it (I’m good at that). Birthdays are awesome, and mine will be, too, and the whole rest of this brand new year I have to play in.


2 thoughts on “happy (almost) birthday to me

  1. That combo: chocolate/lavender sounds fantastic. Happy Birthday spunmonkey! You’re young and healthy and you have a beautiful family. It will all come together; most of it already has.

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