ugly cake and sweet surprises

It finally happened.

I had a cake disaster.

I wanted to bake my own cake. I enjoy baking. At least, I used to…some gluten-free recipes turn out wonderfully and others…well, others just turn out like my birthday cake. It’s unlike me not to take a picture of something like the hilarious nightmare mess that I presented to my family the other night, but I just find it so humiliating. If you saw it, you’d never believe me when I tell you that no, really, I can bake!

I will say that some of it cooked and some it didn’t, and that some of it stayed together and some of it didn’t, and that, yes, frosting makes a decent glue for crumbly cakes, but please, please don’t ever substitute red palm oil for regular palm oil because your frosting becomes the color of curry powder (which is very unappealing when it’s supposed to taste like chai tea). I will also say that The Boy and I both went to bed with tummy aches and I didn’t even eat the frosting. And the cake was humongous, did I mention that? Huge and gross. Only now, it is slightly less huge and lives in the freezer. We all had a good laugh about it…even me, so it wasn’t a total loss.

As much as my cake was an epic flop, the gift from my boys was a sweet success:

They rolled paper beads together from old maps and strung them with turquoise. I haven’t taken it off.

Working backwards, we spent some time on the South Yuba River earlier this week. It was an unplanned adventure (the best kind) in between looking at a few potential living situations. The Boy stripped down and threw rocks into a waterfall. I eyed the swimming-hole potential for later in the summer when the rushing waters calm a bit.

We hiked out, covered in ladybugs…I thought they only swarmed in the fall, but I’ve never seen so many in one place. There were entire boulders blanketed by an undulating mass of red.

There will be more fiber coming to the shop over the next few days. I worked on a little Spinspiration after our weekend hike in Sunol…a project idea that had fizzled for a while, but rekindled when I rested my eyes on the grasses there. The combination of golden stalks, sunkissed greens and purpley seed heads is so soothing, warming…I couldn’t help but try to capture that snippet of summer in the dyepot.


I’m spinnin’ this one.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, all



1 thought on “ugly cake and sweet surprises

  1. That’s no fun–to go to the effort to make a cake and have it fail–been there, done that. But you’re right, that necklace is superb. Check out the old part of Auburn, and in the opposite direction, off of 101 on 128 west, Boonville. -Also, Ukiah, has it’s perks. Happy Belated Birthday.

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