Five (or Six) Senses Friday

A sensual reflection of my week, adopted from Abby’s blog. Would love it if you played along in the comments or link to your own blog.

Smelling: Dulce de leche cooking down on the stove…hour three and the air in the house is gently permeated with the sweet scent of caramel. Raw milk, palm sugar, vanilla bean and a pinch of salt.

Seeing: Dry, golden grasses and rattlesnake skins.

Hearing: The frightened squeak of a baby bird…we tried to save him, but the cat did his job too well. This yarn is dedicated to our wee, unlucky feathered friend:

Fledgling…all manner of scraps, spun up into a soft downy corespun and then plied with a feather-like novelty thread.

Tasting: Tiny, tasty peaches…a bumper crop from the little tree in the pot.

Touching: Rough sand between my toes and cool lagoon water on my skin.

Feeling: Ready.

By the way, I am enjoying my new plying buddy:

My mom gave me this awesome yarn bowl by Skeletal Dropkick as a gift for my birthday. I didn’t even know I wanted one! This bunny has yet to be used for his intended purpose, but when you want to ply your corespun yarn and have only one bulky bobbin…this thing is boss.


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