Summer Things

Remember the skep?

C took a peek the other day to see what’s been happening inside of it…

You can see the clipped end of the branch that held the clump of bees…in a few short months they turned the empty space of the woven basket into a home. Some holes have been drilled in the top of the skep and a super placed above it so the bees can move up. We’ll leave them alone for a week or so and then check to see if they are using the drilled holes as a passageway or just filling them up.

In between the third and fourth attempts at getting the colors right on a custom order (and, by golly, the fourth time was a charm! Phew!), Nonna took The Boy and I to the Knowland Park Zoo. I have mixed feelings about the concept of the zoo, in general, but this particular zoo has made tremendous improvements since I used to visit it when I was a kid, for the animals as well as the visitors. The elephants were playing, the meerkats were wrestling and the male chimp was showing his bravado for the two new males who were introduced the same day we visited the park. It was all rather exciting and I didn’t leave with that awful feeling that the animals in captivity were miserable. Later, I read up on their conservation efforts, both globally and on the zoo property, and felt pretty decent about the whole experience.

The Boy had hoped the tiger would see him and want to be friends. I hadn’t thought to mention, when penciling up his face, that tigers don’t tend to run in social groups. Maybe he would have wanted a meerkat face instead. It was a moot point, anyway, as the tiger was resting in some shady grass and doing his best to ignore the humans.

Outside the zoo there’s a wee amusement park, where The Boy experienced his first roller coaster ride. It was painted up like a tiger, too. Anyway, now he says he wants to do more things that are “fun and scary at the same time.” So I invited him to accompany me to yesterday’s dental appointment, where all kinds of exciting things happened involving numbing needles and syringes full of goo and strange tools for taking things on and off the implant screw…it was fun and scary at the same time. In two weeks I will finally have a real fake tooth. Three years in the making, and just in time for corn on the cob to hit the farmer’s market.

Oh, and somebody please tell me how I could possibly have forgotten to tell you lovely people that you can now find The Spun Monkey handspun yarns and handmade felt at the shiny new Purl Jam yarn shop in Califon, NJ? I’m terrible at self-promotion, that’s how. But, there you have it…now GO and check it out!



2 thoughts on “Summer Things

  1. Wow. You painted his face? Impressive!
    I chuckled about your implant…my husband is in the midst of the long and expensive process of an implant, too. I should have been a dentist.

    • Yes, we have some fun, sparkly face pencils…for some reason, the stuff never washes off around his eyebrows. For several days after the rest of the colors are gone, he’ll have these very surprised looking eyebrows.

      Oh my, I’m sure someday I’ll chuckle about the implant, too, but not yet. đŸ™‚ It’s in the very front, on the bottom at least, but for three years there was this horrible bonded bridge that felt like a wad of chewing gum was stuck behind my teeth. I’m so grateful now, but what a process to finally get this thing in…I have to be very careful with it because I had so little bone to work with. It’s not exactly rock-solid. But it’s there, and today it’s not even sore anymore. I love my real fake tooth.

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