Third Time’s the Charm

“You feel so heavy,” I said, pretending effort. “Like lead. I can’t lift you right now.”

“Mama, you need to close your eyes.”

“How will that help?”

“When you close your eyes, you can stretch your mind.”

And then I lifted my little sack of lead as if he were so many feathers.


So, for the last month I have been playing with blue and green, trying to recreate a colorway that was a “mistake” for a customer who would like a sweater’s worth of it.

The first attempt was exactly what I had wanted when I dyed this colorway the first time. A little white, some green and an overall sense of blue.

The second try featured a little white, some blue and an overall sense of green. Really far off here, folks.

So, I closed my eyes, stretched my mind and the last of my yellow dye powder, and finally, seven pounds of falklands later, I have a winner. A little green, a little blue and an overall sense of white. Phew! Why is it so much more difficult to use less dye?

Now I spin up ten more skeins of this 3-ply and hope I still feel up to spinning just as much of the too-blue and too-green Gaia for sweater kits, because, yes, I did dye over two pounds of each colorway before I test-spun it. Wheeeee!


1 thought on “Third Time’s the Charm

  1. Oh boy. I had a similar experience recently, when a client ordered a bracelet wih a verse from the bible. I was stamping the LAST word on the bracelet, when I realized I had grabbed the wrong letter. A fat slab of silver and about an hour of my time down tha drain. Ergh!
    That color way is gorgeous, and I am certain you will have no troubles selling the by-products of trying to match the “mistake”

    I am going to try and stretch my mind more often. Thanks for sharing you boy’s wisdom.

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