Five (or Six) Senses Friday and What Showering Does to My Brain

I don’t know what it is about getting in the shower…the ideas, they just flow like…well,…are you going to make me say it?

Fine. Water. They flow like water. It’s as if, in every drop, there are tiny particles of matter that get sucked into my pores, travel up to my brain, and form into the building blocks of some grand new plan. Usually, fresh blocks get stacked away for later reference…I might dry off and jot down some notes to come back to at a more appropriate time in my life or sometimes, on a lucky day, I think of something I can apply to my life right now. The latter is usually a small something. Nothing to write home (or blog) about. Lately, though, the idea blocks have all been compatible and building upon one another. I am not merely stacking them in a corner of my brain to collect my mental detritus like so many cobwebs. A structure is taking shape…something I think I can create in real life and soon. Sort of. A few more showers, and I think I’ll get there.

Running is like that for me, too. The world around me melts away and my consciousness shifts from focusing on my stride to plucking blocks from the stacks and dissecting them, slapping some mortar between a few and sticking them together, or just sorting out the rubbish. In this way, my route takes no time at all…I hardly know what I’ve been thinking about that whole time until I reach home and scramble for a pen and paper. I’ve tried other forms of meditation and been left feeling frustrated and spiritually incompetent. Spinning is very calming, but I wouldn’t describe it as meditative anymore (I used to). But running…yes, I do think I’m getting close with running. Perhaps if I spent most of my waking time either running or in the shower I would have a lot more of my shit together.

Anyway, onward ho to FSF. A weekly ritual of sensual reflection, adopted from Abby’s blog. Play along if you wish, in the comments or link to your own blog.

Seeing: The finish line. 1600+ yards of 3-ply just about done. Phew!

Tasting: Teff! It was very exciting. I love discovering gluten-free grains that don’t suck. The whole grains were soaked overnight, cooked up like polenta and then fried into little cakes. The taste reminded me very much of acorn. Pardon the gratuitous pile of bananas.

Hearing: Rock.

Touching: Dry, crunchy grass underfoot. Oh, summer.

Smelling: Fresh baked bread.

Feeling: Excited. There are some good things lurking just under the radar. Will reveal soon.

Happy weekend, all. Enjoy!


1 thought on “Five (or Six) Senses Friday and What Showering Does to My Brain

  1. Ooooooohhhhhh…it’s always nice to have good things on the radar. Nice going on your many many yards of 3-ply…wow! Love that picture of your little rocker, and those teff cakes look yummy.

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