Affectionate Harvest and Otherness

Despite our ultra-bizarro summer weather, a few vegetables have actually managed not to die. The prolonged coolness of the last several months has left us with stunted squash and a pitiful tomato crop, but roots are reveling in it (even if we planted the seeds a wee too close together…”They’re hugging!”):

While I’ve been absent from this space, life has gone on in little creative ways. When it wasn’t 106 degrees, we could draw from nature without our crayons melting, but mostly I’ve been spinning spinning dyeing spinning while The Boy has been building sawing nailing painting. Quiet, lots of quiet. Internally, I’ve had a lot of work to do, so just keeping quietly focused is how I’m getting on at the moment. Many large life decisions looming…

Btw, when the crayons did start melting, we got an idea…

More on that later.

Well, triple digits and heat advisory in the forecast again for tomorrow…of course, I have plans to be outside and up to my elbows in hot, soapy water, washing some beautiful alpaca from Sandy over at the Homestead. In order to gear up for the fall season, I’ll be starting up a regular schedule for updates so you’ll always know when to expect new items in the shop. More on that later, too.

In the meantime, Putter has a new jet pack, so I need to make sure he’s not getting into trouble.

Wish I had a jet pack

Happy Tuesday.


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