Five (or Six) Senses Friday

Welcome to Quincefest 2010.

Who knew a basket of fruit could go quite so far?

Round 1: 5 or 6 pounds of stewed, spiced quinces…eaten over oatmeal, ice cream, pancakes…still tons leftover. (note to self: buy more ice cream)

Round 2: Quince and apple crumble for C’s birthday. Demolished.

Round 3: Quince marmalade. I used a recipe from Stocking Up, and I regret now that I didn’t add a large quantity of lemon peel to the recipe as it’s a bit sweet for my taste. Oh, well. The kid loves it. Marmalade was originally made from quince, and during the Tudor period, considered an aphrodisiac. Six pints canned and we’ve been spooning the rest over just about everything.

I must say that I am dangerously close to becoming quinced out, and there are still at least 10 pounds left to figure out what to do with.

Anyway, onto FSF: A weekly ritual of sensual reflection, adopted from Abby’s blog. Play along if you wish, in the comments or link to your own blog.

Tasting: Homemade pizza…the new Friday night thing…gluten-free and laden with goat cheese.

Seeing: A movie. In an actual movie theater. It had been six years! Howl, btw, was excellent.

Hearing: Sanding, sanding, sanding. The paint job on the Volvo starts tomorrow…

Smelling: Do I really need to say it? The pineapple-y perfume of the quince fruit as it ripens, bakes, stews…ever-present all week long.

Touching: Sticky, sappy leaves as I pull them out of The Boy’s hair.

Feeling: Completely overwhelmed. I should show you the giant pile of braids left to spin before Stitches East. Yikes.

I should mention there have been some shop updates. I kept to my word and have added yarns and fiber both Sunday and Wednesday and will continue to do so throughout the next few months.



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