Five (or Six) Senses Friday (the Sunday version)

Wow, remember this little ritual? FSF is a weekly ritual of sensual reflection, adopted from Abby’s blog. Play along if you wish, in the comments or link to your own blog.

I fell off the FSF wagon for a bit, and I’m late as usual, but this is a sure sign that life since the move is settling into a rhythm of sorts. Maybe next time, I’ll even post this on a Friday, although that might be putting the cart before the horse. One week at a time, steady as we go.


Seeing: Tracks in the snow and wild creatures peeking from caves. Well-plowed snow caves.

Hearing: Stillness. I love the way the winter landscape swallows sound.

Tasting: Absurdly delicious pizza…Friday night pizza is BACK, baby. I’ve done away with the typical gluten-free staples: bean and rice flours, potato and tapioca starches…they don’t make my body feel nourished…in seeking an alternative to the alternatives, I was introduced to some amazing sprouted flours. The crust above was made with sprouted millet flour, soaked in yogurt and butter for 24 hours. Amazing.

Smelling: Rose. The Boy and I share a pot of rose tea nearly every day. The aroma is perfectly sweet and summery…just the thing to ward off the chill, an olfactory reminder that there are warm days ahead.

Touching: Winter. In every way. Crunching snow underfoot, icy wind stinging my face, sculpting and digging, melting it on my tongue.

Feeling: Anticipation! For seeds and trees, for the greening of the landscape, to pot this here sprouting ginger.

On the shop front, I’ve been adding some items to the shop at SALE prices. Felted yarns and kits, mostly.

Seafoam – falklands, kettle-dyed.

And and and: the project! There’s a widget on the sidebar now…17 days left to support The Spun Monkey Dyeworks and Lounge! Fiber-y rewards abound. Wheeeeeee!!!

The wheel calls…


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