A pile of beauties all dressed up and ready to roll for Gather Here’s opening on February 19th. A wee teaser for you MA locals.

In other news, some elements all came together to provide us with one day of perfect snowman-building snow. All winter I’ve been trying to roll snowballs and the conditions have been less than optimal. I made a decent hill once. We carved steps into a snowbank. We sledded, we snowshoed, we made snow angels and pretended we were polar bears. None of these things are snowballs. This made me a little sad.

One fine, melty day, however, we were golden. C arrived home from work with precious little daylight and so we all got to work:

The Boy and I built up a smaller snowman, but C just kept rolling and rolling…he couldn’t stop until it became totally unmanageable…it’s rather like an Olmec head, just sitting there…mysterious and immovable. There’s no way we could lift another ball on top of it, and so it shall remain until springtime takes it away.

My spirits are always a little dampened by the freeze/thaw cycle that starts to repeat during this phase of winter. Very soon the days will be warm enough for the sap to flow, but the nights still frozen. I feel quite immovable myself. Part of me is so anxious for warmer weather, to see the earth again, to watch things grow…but the other part of me takes so much comfort in this hibernation…in curling up under blankets, in excuses to just…stay home by the fire and drink my weight in tea.

Or write on this blank wall with an icicle pen.


Tomorrow: a recipe!

Now: good night!

I will leave you with an ode to February…

OH, and one more thing:

ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT! And I still have a long way to go. Please spread the word…I’m feeling hopeful about a big push at the end!

The Spun Monkey Dyeworks and Loungs on Kickstarter


1 thought on “Rolling…

  1. all.good.stuff.
    I agree about this phase of winter, and how it leaves much ice and slush, and less of the pretty stuff. I believe it was the same day or so that we managed to make a snow horse and snow lizard. Wet snow is fun for that once thing!
    …and I heard a rumor that you got fully funded?!?! Woweee! I am SO very happy for you.

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