to market, to market…

Yup. The Brattleboro Farmer’s Market today, Saturday, from 9am-2pm…looks like we’ll have some NOT RAINY weather! Whoot!

It’s not as if there hasn’t been any decent consequence of all this rain, despite my previous post’s pathetic dose of Serious Whining and Complaining. We have lush greenery. The geese have little swampy ponds to muck around in. Speaking of the geese…is it wrong to pick a favorite?

I can’t help it…look at this guy (or gal…I don’t know yet):

He’s the One-of-These-Geese-is-Not-Like-the-Others sort of goose of the gaggle. He might come towards me for a few seconds before he realizes everyone else is making a beeline in the other direction. He’s curious and goofy, and really…don’t you just want to noozle his little muddy belly?

The chicks are feathering out and, thanks to The Boy, they will be the first cuddly chickens we’ve ever had. Usually, we just don’t have time to get them used to being held and generally encouraging friendliness, but O spends hours and hours with them in the shed every day, picking up each and every one, giving them names like Black Hawk and Eagle. I imagine sitting out on the deck with my spinning wheel, a chicken beside me, eating up all the summer mosquitos before they can bite me.

And, since this has become a Homestead post, here is something that might happen while I’m away at market today…

Lastly, as I’m headed out the door, some newbies up in the shop:

The links will be active and the shop will be open again after market today.


2 thoughts on “to market, to market…

  1. i’ve been a sometime lurker for ages… just want to say how much i enjoy your writing and reflections … someone gave me a couple of geese recently and they are so amazingly alien! hope you had a good market day… the new scarves are glorious!

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