little growing things

Remember this baby food? Two+ months later, it’s finally in the ground, gettin’ it’s GROW on.

There should be more plants in the ground, but we’re desperately playing catch-up after all that record-breaking Spring rain. This weekend is Planting Fest, rain or shine (but most likely rain) and damage-control after yesterday’s wild thunderstorms. Crossing my fingers for the San Marzanos! I have such canning plans, oh yes I do.

Very late for these guys, but I think they’ll be fine. If they aren’t super-bountiful, it’s not a big deal since I seem to be the only person in this house who enjoys fantasizes about a bowl of sweet green peas all steamed up with butter and salt. They live next to some snow peas, for Those Who Dislike Shelling Peas. It’s only fair, since I don’t understand the point of snow peas at all. On the subject of peas: WHY DO WE NOT HAVE SUGAR SNAPS?

The Herb Circle took a heavy beating from the pelting rain…it’s waiting for some friends to help round it out, but hopefully the thyme, sage and parsley will recover. I know, where’s my rosemary? Gotta keep that in a pot around here.

There are a bazillionty-one other things to share, but it’s Planting Fest and I can’t relax until the racks are empty and the beds are full.

I’ll leave you with some recent felt, up in the shop. Clicky the pic to get there.

Locals, I’ll be at the Brattleboro Farmer’s Market tomorrow from 9am-2pm…yep, rain or shine. Oh, and it’s Kid’s Day! Little ones will be selling their handmade goodies. Come and encourage the next generation of crafters! xoxoxo


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