Is this thing on?

Oh…hello there!

I needed a summer, I guess.

A short, very wet, magical and tragical sort of summer. It was challenging and inspiring, but I am ready for it to be over. There was just a little too much of everything. Especially the water.

Most of the magical bits about summer were the result of intense tragedy. Here I sit in my kitchen, filled with herbs drying…the ones that I frantically picked the day before Irene devastated Windham County. This kitchen is also filled with my gratitude…for our house on the hill, for the safety of my loved ones and friends, for the sunflowers that still bloom even though they were pelted to the ground along with the corn. I am so much more aware, so much more completely in love with the blessings in my life…and just as much anguished for those of my friends and in my community whose homes and businesses did not fare as well and who face long roads of recovery ahead.*

I have a hard time with the idea of saying anything more about it. There is so much and yet there is nothing. It is all very raw, and all very personal. How about a tour of some of the good things? I like distractions.

This is Augoostus. He is a good thing.

These are fairy watermelons. Also a good thing. They might really be sour gherkins, all pickled up and pretty, but I know the fairies bring them to all their summer parties.

All the pre-flood green things. The tomatoes eventually ripened and became sauce. I have since experienced my first fried green tomatoes and now I will never let tomatoes ripen again, if I can help it.

My boy, in the setting sun. A very, very good thing.

We are looking forward to autumn sunsets and stars out before bedtime, stews bubbling on the woodstove and hot apple pie in the oven in our tummies, digging up the last potatoes and planting garlic, kissing summer goodbye and welcoming the crisp breezes and acorns under foot.

What are you looking forward to?

* btw, shop updates are coming tomorrow thru the weekend. A portion of profits will be donated to flood relief in VT.


6 thoughts on “Is this thing on?

  1. what a loverly lil fantastic post. here is a rather expressionistic take on ‘what we are looking forward to’…Frida and I were scooping some butternut seeds to save from one of the most technicolored-fleshed beauties I have ever seen, and she said that she would like to live in a pumpkin shell. hey, Me too! ethical scale, plesing aesthetics-there, we would keep very well! I just found a darlin’ pic of Oliver (from circle school?)- eyelashes and hair all aglow white gold in morning light; i will take a photo of it and zap it to you soon. I love your gorgeous photo’s..Augoostus, the fairy melons, Oliver about to take off on his rake into the sky- oh me!!! what a blessed life indeed. Love to You, Crispin, and Oliver (who must say ‘wax’ instead of ‘wak’ by now, boohoo) -saint

  2. Fairy watermelon? What mossy rock do they grow beneath and how can I join their family. I’m glad to see you raise your camera again and share.

    Love you

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