The sun is born again today…

…we greet the sun’s first morning ray,

We sing and celebrate the light,

The sun’s born in the longest night! (Diane Baker)

As grateful as I am for the longer days ahead, it may be too little too late for my mountain of holiday projects. They were all so carefully planned and, as always, I have the best of intentions for punctuality. I will not give up, though…I have hope! Also, I have strong black tea and a tremendous amount of willpower against sleep. I am determined to finish the knitting project I started for O before last Christmas. And to finish the sewing project before Sunday that was meant to be a Yule gift. And to finish putting together the anniversary gift for my beloved (another Yule turned Christmas present). Nine years we celebrated last night, with a yule log adorned with evergreen and a delicious meal with dear friends. And then he stacked freshly delivered wood by headlamp and I spun for a special order until we were both utterly spent…romantic, no?

In between projects and romantic evenings there has been some Very Serious Baking going on.

Very. Serious. Today we experiment with coconut flour, chocolate chips, sea salt and our own homegrown bacon.

There may also be some pipe-cleaner snowflake action, some candle decorating and Solstice Celebration Part II, the Chinese Hot Pot version.

And in the background, every day, progress is being made on the home going up for our friends (Z, B and the Wee Lass) out on the back 5.

Many hands make light work, and so we’ll whip this farm into shape, yet.

One more note, of the housekeeping variety: my apologies if a bunch of old posts showed up as “new” in your reader. I just imported all my old Livejournal posts to this blog so that I could have it printed into a book. 🙂

And now, to stack wood in the sunshine, daydreaming of snow.


2 thoughts on “The sun is born again today…

  1. so much goodness here…a yurt, coconut flour, a ninth anniversary (!), kniting and sewing and printing your blog out. I love it all. I just checked out that blog print service–I totally want to do that now, too! Oh, and homegrown bacon would pretty much be the pinnacle of my life. Hope it was delish.

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