Chillin with our Gnomies

Last night, I walked off into the sunset.

The chill of evening is so much softer around the edges than the prickly-sharp chill of early morning, when I normally catch a moment to myself out-of-doors.

I paused in the dusk to listen…the nearly-frozen pond was so still and I marveled at the domes of mud and branches, where cozy beavers are sleeping. I wished I could curl up and spend my winter in a peaceful slumber, but alas…

…it was home to make dinner, care for a pox-riddled little man, return messages and get some work done, then wonder at how unnatural it is to be laying wide awake so many hours after dark has descended.

Enter some strong black tea and I will be conscious for fever-cuddles this day, watching the ice fall from the sky, grateful for the fire, chillin’ with our Gnomies until the sickies and ickies go away…

They appeared Christmas morning and have since been constant companions. The wee ones get lost in the bed during the night, but we always find them.

Hopefully they’re into a little Wind in the Willows on streaming, because aside from knitting paper lanterns* and taking oatmeal baths, that’s what we’ve got on the agenda.

A merry new year to you and yours!

*knitting post coming up. Whoot!


2 thoughts on “Chillin with our Gnomies

  1. oh they are adorable!
    Sorry your boy was sick with the pox. No fun. I remember being forced to take oatmeal baths that I hated (Don’t remember why I hated them!) when I had the pox.

    • Oh my goodness, the oatmeal bath is what saved us! He woke up screaming on New Years Eve and we took a 12:30am oatmeal bath…he was almost instantly soothed and the next morning we’d come through the other side of it. I may very well set up a shrine to the Oatmeal Gods.

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