Untitled, but there may be some talk about the weather. And a sale.

Hmmm…I still love you, January, but why do you look like October September some other month? A 19-degree high for the day is no problem when there is plenty of snow to play in. I only lasted an hour stacking our last cord and then I had to come inside for tea. The ducks just slept in a little cluster on the frozen driveway (how do they do that?), and the geese laid eggs in the shed. Meanwhile, I turned tail for the comfort of the fire and never looked back.

It’s not that the cold bothers me. It’s that the presence of snow makes physical readiness more psychologically available. Does that make any sense? My heart just isn’t into this winter thing when there are still fall leaves under my feet and the odd 40-degree day.

Oh, well. Talking about the weather is boring. Onto the knitting I promised:

Holiday knitting consisted of pulling out a long-languishing project and procrastinating further to the point where it was blocking on the woodstove on Christmas Eve. As pleased as I am with the outcome, I’m not sure I would recommend knitting a mancala board over buying a wooden one for a few bucks.

The Boy was mildly interested. There were more exciting things going on that day. We’ve since played an enjoyable round, and I feel somewhat validated for having stayed up ridiculous hours finishing the thing. Somewhat.

Raveled here.

Oh, and ps: The Biz is undergoing a bit of an overhaul for the new year. Therefore, everything left in my Etsy shop is on ridiculous discount…yep, a SALE…yarns, fiber and ready-to-ship felt….30% discount reflected in the price already, so go check it out. Also, for a very limited time, the Jacob top fiber club is also at 30% discount. This is a really great deal on an awesome, one-of-a-kind fiber club. Falklands fiber clubs are at a 10%, so also a good time to grab it! Sale now thru Sunday.



2 thoughts on “Untitled, but there may be some talk about the weather. And a sale.

  1. oh mah god that mancala board is amazing! I can totally appreciate the work that went into making that. And I like your style — frantically finishing up pieces on Christmas eve. Believe me, I was up late night with you doing nearly the same thing.
    Anyway my husband made our girls a mancala board out of wood last year and they loved it. I am sure he spent a fraction of the time you did making it.

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