Three: 52



Portraits of my main squeezes, every Sunday.

I’m jumping in on this project a few weeks late, but that just seems to be a habit that won’t break with me. I can be okay with this. I have two words for 2013: ACCEPTANCE and DISCIPLINE. So, let’s accept the fact that I’m usually late to the party and move on.

As for the discipline, I require that in many aspects of my life. One sweet piece of my Discipline Pie is a new project I created, which you can find HERE. It’s a photography blog with multiple contributors, 6 of us regulars and an open spot on Sundays for guests. This gives me a creative focus with a deadline…so far, so good.

That takes care of Fridays. On Sundays, you will find me here, with a portrait of my sweetie and our spawn. Every week. Yes.

There is more. This year I’m gonna Make It Happen. So much is on my list in that regard, and sometimes I feel afraid terrified of actually manifesting the life I desire…I take things to a comfortable level, and then back off. I stop sharing, I stop writing. I start worrying about not doing it well enough, whatever it is. And you know what? The crawling into a cave thing? It’s more exhausting and inspiration-squelching than allowing myself to be here, to share, to give and receive feedback, and to be fully present in my creative life.

Yep. More on all that sooner rather than later. I promised fiber content ages ago. There has been dyeing and spinning happening, as always…just been quiet about it in the Webaverse. I’ll put a few things up in the shop tomorrow morning. Here’s one:



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