Seven: 52

the 52 project




O, this week you…

…tested me, in about a million ways. We had a great homeschool day, and then we had an awful one. I might have, for one teeny tiny second, thought about wishing you away to the goblin king, but then I realized he probably isn’t really David Bowie, so I scratched that and we got over it. And then we had a wonderful afternoon. Sledding is the best cure for the grumpies.

…found a kindred spirit in Henry Huggins. You’re all jazzed up to save money for a shiny new bike.

…came home from a party this weekend, where the only kid you knew previously was the birthday boy, and said, “I made lots of new friends today!” My shy guy is coming out of his shell.

…made beautiful artwork, and tried something new in your pottery class: clay whistles! I can’t wait to see how they turn out after you glaze and fire them. You felt so proud of your projects, and rightly so!

C, this week you…

…found my grandmother’s sewing machine, fixed the broken pedal and oiled all the moving parts. I’m quite sure it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever witnessed.

…weren’t able to take a sick day when you really needed to. It won’t be this way forever. Oh my, how you have my gratitude for all that you do.


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